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How to run from God

How to run from God

LOL..Indeed, no point in running away from God because we really can't. As simple as that. I always remember that scene from my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon, where Jerry is running hard to get away from Tom, but despite all his efforts Jerry finds himself in the...

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Where is God when it hurts?

Where is God when it hurts?

 - Acquired as a slave - Forced to bear her master’s child - Ill-treated during pregnancy - Persecuted to run away - & finally abandoned! What the Egyptian girl Hagar went through is indeed disheartening. In the eyes of the world, she always was and will be the...

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The vision of our weekly blog is to raise a generation of girls who soar in Christ. Read more about it here. We want to mentor girls and help them to rise above the usual worldly conventions and live a life of overflow in Christ. Articles on SG blog are packed with heart-focused content and provide practical solutions for real-life issues based on God’s Word. And oh yes, we are a part of Pursue Him International.


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We are a group of girls, who have been set free by Jesus and we want to carry you along with us in this journey of life. We believe together in one mind through Christ we can change the world when we hold each other up. And so, we are here to build, encourage, edify , talk about our identity, purpose , calling, relationships, friendships, and everything under the sun that concerns you. So, tag along!  

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