Last week I wrote about how to get the right kind of attention. We learned from king Ahab how he got the attention of God by responding to God’s Word which is humility and repentance. To read the full post go here: Attention Seeker? Here’s How To Get The Right Attention!


We will dive in a bit deeper on repentance. In The Bible, the Greek word for repentance is metanoia which means change of mind/ thinking. In other words, repentance means changing from your way of thinking to God’s way of thinking.


The act of repentance not only gets God’s attention but the whole of heaven celebrates it. Lord Jesus says in Luke 15:7 “Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”

Part 2: Here's How To Get The Right Attention!


God Is On A Look Out

In the message version of Isaiah 66:1-2 the Word of God says

“But there is something I’m looking for:

a person simple and plain,

reverently responsive to what I say.

These are the ones I look on with favor:

those who are humble and contrite in spirit,

and who tremble at my word.”

 Wow! God is looking out for people who are responding to His Word! And not only that, He looks at them with favor!


Power of God When You turn

When you obey and turn from your old ways to follow God’s ways or to change from your thinking to God’s thinking, God empowers you with His Spirit upon you and will make His Words known to you.

 In Proverbs 1:23,33 The Word of God says ” If you turn at my reproof(rebuke):

Behold, I will pour out my spirit upon you;

I will make my words known to you…

but whoever listens to me will dwell secure

and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.”

 Remember a man or a woman of God with a humble spirit is the one who depends on God for everything! He no longer trusts in his own strength but he trusts in God’s goodness and strength.

 This week as you repent or change your thinking may you also be dependent on the strength and power of God in everything you do!



Alisha Jose

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