BIG NEWS: Soar Girls Podcast Goes Live

BIG NEWS: Soar Girls Podcast Goes Live

Drumroll please!!! Yey, we are so excited to announce the release of our very own Soar Girls Podcast!

Yes, podcasts!

SG Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast for young Christian women who want to use their gifts to glorify Jesus. Each episode, we host a conversation with a daughter of God who has been influencing the world with the light of Jesus.


Our conversations are warm, genuine and centered around the Word of God.

These episodes will open doors to us all to listen to wise women who have encountered God and are doing things to glorify God. The Word of God says “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” Proverbs 13:20.

Why listen to Soar Girls Podcast?

  • Know inspiring stories of Jesus loving girls from around the world
  • Short episodes
  • Hear on-the-go, anytime, anywhere
  • Build your faith

With these podcasts we learn together and we grow together! So buckle up, we are here to LIFT, LEAD and LAUNCH you into your God destiny!


Episode 1: Conversation with Jenni Lien

Our first episode features JENNI LIEN from Hong Kong who heads the Yay Project, an online ministry that seeks to help women all over the world celebrate their God-given design.

Hear her journey with God, her brokenness, rejection and how she found a new purpose in God when she surrendered her life to Jesus.

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Why God Hates Pity?(12 min Video)

Why God Hates Pity?(12 min Video)

Most of us like to roll in self-pity as we cry and grumble about things around us. But God hates it. This below 12 min video will tell you why. Also let’s hear a beautiful story about a man who had every reason to be pitiful, but instead he chose something different, and what happens to him.

Don’t forget to share this video with young girls or daughters or sisters that you think may benefit.

Girls, Is Masturbation Wrong?

Girls, Is Masturbation Wrong?

Well, let me start by saying that you are not alone. If you are part of a conservative Asian culture like ours, girls feel too shy to mention the word, let alone admitting it. And yet behind closed doors they are battling guilt, confusion and shame.

So, is masturbation wrong?

Talk to the majority and they will tell you how it is common and it’s just a body urge. And after all, has not God put in that desire?

#Is Masturbation Wrong#sexual immorality#Asian culture#lusting#shame#guilt

You see God created our bodies with the capacity to enjoy pleasure but the problem starts when we violate His set-boundaries and start seeking things before their right time (marriage).

Although the Bible never addresses masturbation directly, it addresses sexual immorality and lust many times.

Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body (1 Corin 6:18,20).

Heard of Monarch Butterfly?

It has bright orange and black wings and is very pretty. But it’s poisonous – for the birds and lizards looking to make a meal of it. The body of a monarch butterfly contains chemicals that make it taste bad—so bad that a bird may even vomit if it eats one. Further, it can even cause their hearts to beat out of control and die.

That’s how sin is – It looks pretty on the outside, but soon you will realise how destructive it can be.

#Is Masturbation Wrong#sexual immorality#Asian culture#lusting#shame#guilt

Here is what you should know:

1. Masturbation is fuelled by toxic thoughts of lust (many times they come from pornography). Obviously, you are not thinking of a tree or sofa while masturbating! So, if the root of something is sinful, you can imagine its fruit.

2. It is addictive. Sooner or later, you will realise it will start mastering you till you cannot live without it. That’s how the sting of sin is. (No chain smoker smoked his first cigarette thinking that he will be addicted to it).

3. It can lead to further lead to depression, feelings of shame, guilt and even result in fornication.

Masturbate without lusting?

Even if you claim to masturbate without lusting, why go there? Why make yourself vulnerable to sin?

Rather than seeing how close we can get to the line of compromise without going over, our goal should be to do everything within our power to stay as far away from the line of sin as possible.

#Is Masturbation Wrong#sexual immorality#Asian culture#lusting#shame#guilt

How to break free from Masturbation?

If you are crying out to God and genuinely seeking a breakthrough, God stands as your very present help. You don’t have to do what the world does. You are not called to fit in; you are set apart by God. That means your guiding principles in life has to be from the Word of God and not your friends or media.

1. First, dig deep in your heart and find out the root cause. What leads you to it? Is it loneliness? Lack of self-worth? Rejection? Remember you need to fill that void in your life by understanding what God’s Word says about it. Only God’s Word can heal you and set you completely free.

2. “It is out of my control” – If that’s what you are thinking, then let me tell you – That’s a lie! God has given you a spirit of power, love and self-control (2 Tim 1:7). There is no addiction that can match up to the power of Jesus. So, stop living as a victim of your sexual desire.

3. Check what triggers the habit. Is it vulgar movies, pictures or conversations of friends around you? Once you locate the source, run away from it. Delete those apps. Unfriend some people from your life. Be bold at the cost of being rejected by some of your friends.

4. Find someone to talk to and be accountable to. As hard as it may be, humble yourself and ask a godly woman to hold you accountable in this area. Proverbs 28:13 says, “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

5. Don’t be condemned and sulk when you fall into it. Ask God for forgiveness (hate it enough to take a U-turn to God) and rise up again. His grace is sufficient for you.

6. Focus less on your addiction, and more on pursuing Jesus. Trust me, when you taste more and more of Jesus and His goodness in your life, what the world offers will not attract you anymore.

Team Soar Girls

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Facing sexual abuse? Do this

Facing sexual abuse? Do this

Sexual abuse is any interaction or contact (visual, verbal, psychological or physical) where a weaker person is being used by other for sexual gratification.

As a girl, you have every right to guard yourself from being treated as an object of abuse. Girls, don’t be naïve. Why is your uncle sending you late night messages? Why does your boss want you all alone for the meeting most of the time? Read between the lines, learn to understand the motives behind what people do and why they do.


• When faced with above, immediately cut off from all forms of contact or communication with that person. Run away from ‘’extraloving’’ uncles, cousins, bosses and do whatever it takes to stop the abuse.

• When your man, or a friend or anyone starts to abuse you, there is a deeper root that needs to be dealt with. It’s not your assignment to take it in your hands to make him overcome it, leave it to the one he is accountable to.

• Don’t keep quiet. Be bold and make your displeasure evident. As someone put it: “Becoming angry with someone because of personal resentment or envy is sinful. But a holy anger, aroused by injustice or evil done, and accompanied by a sincere desire to see God’s will performed, is both healthy and effective.” (Jhn 2:13-16)

• Don’t go through this alone. Share with a trustworthy authority or a believer friend who is mature in the Lord.


Don’t let those in authority (like bosses, male church leaders, family members, teachers)
take advantage of you in any way. Bring it to the notice of your pastors or elders. Honoring and submitting to authorities does not mean allowing abuse and manipulation. Also, don’t let anyone manipulate you with God’s Word. That’s why it’s important that you know the Word of God in its entirety (Psa 119:160), and understand the Father’s heart behind what He says.

• Do you have fear of saying no? It’s not something to be ashamed of – you got to learn to please God rather than man, else people will walk all over you. Saying ‘no’ is so powerful and liberating. Let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’ (Mat 5:37). Also, don’t believe the lie that somehow you did something to make the other person hurt you. Even if you cooperated, they took advantage of you, so don’t feel dirty or condemned about yourself.

• Call out to God and ask Him to restore and heal you. He is your very present help in times of need. Even if it was an incident where lines were crossed, we want to tell you that your virginity cannot be taken away, it can only be given away – so you are still a virgin in God’s eyes. You are beautiful, loved, accepted by your Father. Bury your past and run the race that God has set before you.

Team Soar Girls

3 Lies Single Girls Believe

3 Lies Single Girls Believe

Single girls, you are precious! God is at work for you and in you, to fulfill your purpose. Here are 3 lies that single girls tend to believe. We believe this post will set you free as you read them. 


Lie #1 Single Girls Believe: If I am single, there is a problem

Well girls, if you think singleness is a problem, you are mistaken. And further, if you think marriage or getting into relationships is the solution, you are badly mistaken!  Many girls live like second-class citizens because they don’t have a boyfriend by their side.

And they get into relationships or marriage because they are lonely (not because they are single).

Mind you, loneliness is not the same as singleness and if loneliness is your motivation to get into a relationship, STOP, because it will not solve your problem. In fact, you can be surrounded with people all the time and you can still feel lonely.

You got to deal with the root!

When God made Adam, he lived in fellowship with God, God saw all that he had made and it was very good – nothing lacking, nothing missing (Gen 1:31). Adam was single, but he wasn’t lonely, miserable or desperate for a partner. He had the creator of the universe for company!

And, at the right time, it was God who decided to make a helper suitable for Adam. That’s how God does it – Births things out of fullness. The devil on the other hand – pushes you to make decisions out of lack, anxiety or fear.

Single or married, sixteen or sixty, fullness of joy and fellowship is only found in God’s presence (Psalm 16:11), and until you relate properly to God, you won’t be able to relate properly to anyone else.

So be thankful and celebrate your singlehood. There are so many things you can learn, unlearn and discover about yourself during this time. Most of all you can seek to prioritize your relationship with God above everything else and allow Him to prepare you.

Let’s see a few other lies single girls believe. Are you ready?

Lie #2 Single Girls Believe: My man will complete me

Men and women are not designed to complete each other, rather complement each other. If you are believing for someone else to ‘complete’ you, your eyes will always be on that person to perfectly meet all your needs and that’s how heart breaks happen, because that is something that only God can do.

Marriage is not about two incomplete people coming together. But for a child of God, it is the coming together of two “new creations”. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

Out of this internal change, our external actions follow! Listen girls, marriage is about sacrifice more than entitlement; giving more than getting, serving more than being served and you will be able to do that only when you are gleaning your strength from God and not each other.

Lie #3 Single Girls Believe: Marriage is my calling

No, it is not! But marriage is designed to push you closer to your goal, when you do it God’s way. Some girls are so obsessed about their marriage that they lose focus of their purpose, causing great damage to themselves and others.

Think about it. Go to school, then college. Do further studies. Find a great job. Get a spouse, marry and have kids. Is this what life is all about? Or is there a bigger picture to it?

No one knows the purpose of a guitar better than its maker; the purpose of a pot, no one can understand better than the potter. Similarly, you are God’s creation and the purpose of your life comes from Him, and the earlier you discover it, the larger impact your life can have.

Your calling is bigger than your career, job or relationships. The stakes are much higher. It is something that God ordained for you even before you are born.



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Does God Care For My Struggles?

Does God Care For My Struggles?

God reminded me of a vision I saw long back that encourages me till date, and I believe you need to hear this today. In this vision I saw a man who was walking behind Jesus but was struggling along the way. I was disturbed because Jesus was walking fast and He wasn’t turning behind to look.

Hmm…I guess, more than me writing about it, go ahead, click this link below to head to our Youtube channel and watch this man’s full story (6 min). And hey, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the bell icon to know every time we post a new video.

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