Recently we gifted our five year old a new pencil box. My husband knew my son’s exact choice so he searched hard till he found one – A car shaped, double decker, shiny metal box with his favorite colors.

My son was so happy to receive this surprise gift and show it off to his school friends. He wanted to even sleep with it, he thanked us and was so overjoyed with the gesture.


When the secret was let out

Following week while me and my son were enjoying our evening play time, my mother-in-law came to the room and said she had a complaint about him. The moment my son heard her, the joy on his face was now replaced with fear.

My little boy got to the point of tears, jumped off his chair and started to close my ears and eyes pleading with me to not listen to her.

The moment I saw what had happened to him, I held him close, looked in those teary eyes and reassured him of my love, no matter what he had done.

Finally he gathered courage and told me in an attempt to decorate his new pencil box he colored it and spoiled it. He then tried to rectify his mistake by washing and scrubbing it, but all in vain. When he realized he had messed it, he was very scared. My mother-in-law threatened him if he didn’t listen to her, she would let out the secret which would make me very mad at him. And in fear, he hid the pencil box.

My son was weeping as he asked for forgiveness from me and I in turn hugged him and assured him that I am not upset at all, and all he had to do was to come to mummy just as he is, instead of hiding what had happened.

I then showed him a magic potion I had (nail paint remover) that could remove all stains, and as I wiped the pencil box, it became just as new!

Run to Jesus

My son was so happy, he ran out of the room with the box in his hand as a trophy, showing it off to his grandmother. The same box that had been the reason for him to be condemned was now a reason to celebrate.. Oh he was free, he was dancing to glory, teasing his grandma and enjoying the astonished look on her face!

As I watched my son dancing and rejoicing, I was reminded that this was exactly what God did for you and me. He washed us by His blood. The sin stains were so dark that no blood of bulls and rams could wash us clean. But what we couldn’t accomplish Jesus did it for us, by washing us with His precious blood (Romans 3:25).

Dear sister, as you read this, no matter how badly you feel you have fallen, run into the father’s arms. When you and I fail or fall in the trap of sin, the accuser is watching and condemning us, convincing us to his filthy lies – lies that I would never be accepted, I have lost my sonship, I would not receive any more blessings, God doesn’t love me and is upset with me etc. Don’t allow fear to paralyse you, instead run to His Word. Because every time I run to His Word (Him), His blood washes me clean, whiter than snow leaving no traces of sin or condemnation.

Thank you Jesus!

Ruta Miller

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