In the book of Genesis, we read an account of Noah, a righteous man who walked with God (Genesis 6:9).

A day came in Noah’s life when God shut him in (Genesis 7:16). New Living Translation of the Bible says: The LORD closed the door behind them.

This was when Noah, his family members, and all living creatures had entered the ark.



When God shut the door behind Noah, the rain hadn’t started pouring yet. Am sure Noah must have wondered:

What next?

But it was that shut door that set the difference between destruction and safety, between storm and peace, between despair and hope and between life and death.

If you are reading this and if at this moment you are standing against a slammed door in your life, be encouraged for God’s shut doors can mean life.

Would you take a moment and praise God for that shut door of your opportunity, dream or desire? Allow me to repeat- God’s shut doors can mean life!

Author Kim D’Souza

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