From a single woman with fewer worries and a lot of dreams, I transitioned to a wife with a little more responsibility and then to a mother of two with a lot more responsibilities. Time is more precious to me than ever before. As a single woman once, if I had seen into the future, I believe I would have done things a lot differently.

From this point in life, I want to share with you 4 precious tips for single girls before you marry.

4 Tips for Single Girls Before You Marry!


Value Time

The time you have as a single woman will not come back once you get married, and even more so once you become a mother.

The world is designed to woo you into things with zero value. But I encourage you to utilize your time to learn and grow in every area.

Use your time to build your relationship with Jesus. Use it to learn new skills and strengthen what you already have. Don’t fall into the trap of temporary pleasures that do nothing except rob you of your time. When you value time, your own value increases.

Treasure your time with the Lord.

It will benefit you tremendously when you enter seasons of significant responsibilities.

I am incredibly grateful for the season before I became a mother, where I took time to grow in deeper intimacy with the Lord through the Word and prayer.

The time I sowed then into growing in the things of God helped me during the busy, tiring days to stand strong in the Lord.

Trust God and His timing.

Don’t fall into the pressure trap. Pressure from family and peers makes us feel obliged to get married. But I urge you to trust God and His timing.

Take a piece of paper and write down what you desire in your future husband. Now take that to the Lord and pray over it. Then believe Him to bring to you the right person at the right time. Meanwhile, work on yourself.

Work on yourself

Let me say this upfront: marriage doesn’t cover up your insecurities or weaknesses. Rather it exposes and, at times, amplifies what you haven’t dealt with.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you areas, be it a character problem or habitual problem, that you need to work on before entering marriage.

I’m not saying you have to be perfect before getting married. But when the Holy Spirit convicts you of an area that needs to be dealt with, it is best to deal with it.

Singlehood is a beautiful season. A season to grow and learn; a season of preparation.

For every good work you sow into in this season, you will reap a harvest in the next.

So, instead of looking down on yourself or comparing yourself to your peers who are getting married, embrace your season of being single, because it is a passing season.

I believe, dear single girls that this post has blessed you and that you will take heed to these 4 tips before you marry.

 Do write back to us and let us know how this blogpost blessed you… You can reach us at [email protected]


Ria Jobin

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