As a daughter of the King, when you really know who you are, what comes out of your mouth by faith becomes a decree!


Now, these are no longer just words or repetitive declarations but what you say now becomes an order that hell trembles because heaven stamps it.

You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you (Job 22:28)

Here are 5 decrees I want you to make today, and every day!

  1. I am born of God and so I am a different breed.
  2. I have the same capacity as God.
  3. My Spirit is sealed with the Spirit of Jesus. I refuse to be sick, depressed or defeated.
  4. GOD didn’t create me to be a failure. I shall go up and up and up, and never down.
  5. It is natural for me to slay giants

Watch this video and decree with us together


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