Drugs are Fun!?

Drugs are Fun!?

Recently we received the below query from a girl on the lines – Drugs are fun! We thought of sharing it as a blog post for the benefit of other girls who may have similar questions. Hope this helps!

Drugs are “fun”! Why I should miss out? All my friends are into it. Also, I feel it’s just a phase and it will pass out, I can never get addicted to it.
– Ana Dias (name changed for privacy)

Sharing below our response to her query

Thank you for your question. Like you, we believe there are many others who may have similar questions and thoughts running through their minds.

So you are not alone!

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For some time let us assume you are right, you will not get addicted to drugs. You believe you are mentally stronger than most people and that you have your priorities set right.

But would you really want to use the gifts and character God gave you to try drugs? Your life is precious and your life is meant to set many free from their bondage, but not be in bondage itself.

In Luke 4, Jesus was tempted by the enemy, but Jesus answered, “It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

Don’t let the enemy tempt you, fight back with the word of God. These are subtle ways the enemy tries to gain a foothold in your life, so he can grip you fully and destroy you. Remember no addict started off thinking that he would be an addict one day!
And I can really understand the feeling of missing out on all the fun. However, I can assure you that the many people I know who started with just trying out for fun will tell you to run as far as you can from a company that leads you to drugs.

Moreover, Drugs are definitely not fun!

Drugs are meant to destroy you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are so many good and productive ways to have fun with your friends. How about going for treks, engaging in team sports, or learning some cool skills together?

Your path is towards rewards and blessings, but these things are only a deviation from your path set by the enemy.

Choose the surroundings and the people you are spending time with to propel you to your God destiny. Because if you don’t you will lose many years of your life pleasing yourself or people rather than pleasing God.

Child of God, it’s ok to say bye to some people and some habits. Here is the verse to gain victory 2 Corinthians 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Keep pursuing God, we are cheering and praying for you! Feel free to reach out to our Soar Girls Community and invest in genuine and godly friendships.

Sheryl Rajesh

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The parable of the Sower – Are you the good ground?

The parable of the Sower – Are you the good ground?

Have you come across the parable of the Sower in the Bible? If you haven’t, you can find it in Matthew 13. It talks about the Sower who goes to sow seeds, and the four different types of grounds the seeds fall on.

The men and women who preach, teach and guide you are the Sowers, and your heart is the ground. While God sends the sower to sow the seed in your life, it is in your hands to keep your hearts receptive to yield a harvest.

Let’s look at the four types of grounds mentioned in the parable of the Sower, and analyze for ourselves which category we fall under.

good ground, The parable of the Sower, Mediate the Word, Get Rooted

1) Along the path ground:

The seeds that fall on the path are relatable to individuals that are too distracted to understand the Word. The Word of God is available, but they are just too distracted to receive it. Hence the Word coming to them becomes just like seeds that fall along the path, which end up eaten by the birds.

Girls, don’t be like this ground. Whenever you receive God’s Word – through your church, online teaching, blogs, podcast, etc, don’t let distraction steal your breakthrough. Because your breakthrough is hidden in God’s Word.

2) Rocky places:

Rocky places are grounds that have soil, but very little. Hence, it’s very difficult for any seed that falls to grow and stay rooted.

When God speaks to us through His Word it is important not only to hear it, but meditate on it, and obey it. That’s when the Word gets rooted in us. Otherwise, it becomes like seeds that fall on a rocky place that fails to get rooted.

3) Among the thorns:

This is the group that is preoccupied with the worries of life or constantly thinking about the “TO-DO list”.

What they fail to realize is that it is at the feet of Jesus that they receive true rest, in His Word is the solution to all of life’s troubles.

Jesus says in Matthew 6:25. “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.” Then again He says in Matthew 6:33. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

4) Good soil:

This is a ground that is well looked after, watered, nourished, and protected.

These are individuals that know the importance of the Word coming to them. They are neither distracted nor do they allow the worries of this world to take over. They prepare themselves to receive the Word, meditate and act on it.

To these individuals, the Word comes like seeds that fall on good soil that grow, get rooted, and bear fruits in its season.

This year, may we be found in the fourth group!

They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8

God bless!

Ruta Miller

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Free Phone Wallpapers | Secret Place

Free Phone Wallpapers | Secret Place

Last week author Kim shared a powerful word on secret place. If you missed it or you want read it again we published it on our blog here : Why the Devil is After Your Secret Place. This week we’re giving out some free phone wallpapers on the same.

By the way! Girls, were you able to spend time with God in your secret place? If not, remember do not be condemned. You are His daughter and He loves you no matter what! Since you are His daughter you can run into His presence boldly today!

To help you walk this road of spending time in your secret place, we are giving away FREE phone wallpapers to remind you the same! So, girls what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Download these wallpapers now and be blessed!

Free phone wallpaper

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Why the Devil is After Your Secret Place

Why the Devil is After Your Secret Place

Ever wondered why the devil is after your secret place? Well, the devil has only one agenda for your life – to steal, kill and destroy. He was publicly shamed by Jesus and has lost every battle with God’s children.

And having disarmed the powers and authorities, Jesus made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross (Colossians 2:15).

And, that’s why his motive is to publicly shame the children of God. But because he is completely incapable of doing it, he tricks you into it.

Want to know how?

Well… He attacks your secret place.

secret place

So, what’s a secret place?

A secret place is your “Your time alone.”

Everybody has a secret place.

Now, the question is, what do you end up doing consistently when no one is watching and you are all alone by yourself? Scrolling through your social media? Watching images that you shouldn’t be watching? Indulging in habits that harm your body?

Remember who we give your secret time consistently to becomes the “god” of our secret place.

Here’s how the devil schemes to shame you

The Bible says in Luke 8:17For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

There is an important principle here – Who you are in public, is a result of your secret place.

In other words, what you do in your private life consistently is what will overflow into your public place. The fruits of what you sow in your secret will sooner or later show up in the public. What habits you build when no one is watching is the “real you” people will end up seeing.

Don’t give your secret place to the devil

The devil is happy as long as you are “alone” so he can fill your mind with the filth of the world and bring thoughts to you that tell you that you are not good enough, capable enough and loved enough.

But he is mortally scared when you are “alone with God”. Because that’s when you start becoming like Jesus and reflecting Him through your life. In intimacy is where things are birthed and in intimacy with the Holy Spirit is where God starts birthing His dreams and desires in the inside of you.

Jacob, when he was left alone with God, became Israel. When Daniel was alone with God, mysteries of heaven were revealed to him. When John was alone with God on the island of Patmos, he received revelation into what is to come. And, when Mary was alone with God, an angel appeared and gave her the good news of the Messiah that would be birthed through her.

How about giving the keys of your secret place to God?

How about using your secret place to fellowship with God? While everyone was busy doing wrong things in the secret, little boy Samuel gave his time to be with God, and the overflow of that was later seen in the public. The Bible says: Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground. (1 Samuel 3:19)

Just as the devil intends to shame you publicly, God wants to reward you publicly. He is in your secret place and waits for you to invite Him into fellowshipping with you.

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly
(Matthew 6:6).

I’m sure that these points have opened your eyes to see why the devil is after your secret place.

So, girls, don’t ignore your Father today! Don’t keep Him waiting. Give Him your Secret place.

Let’s start by making a commitment of spending 25 minutes with God daily. Are you in for #Secret25?

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2022 Calendar Freebie – Printable Themes

2022 Calendar Freebie – Printable Themes

Are you looking for a fun way to organize your computer desktop? Well, Stop looking! Because with this post, we are giving away our Soar 2022 Digital Calendar for Free! This 2022 calendar freebie has a word of encouragement for each month to remind you of your identity in Christ.

Click on the button below to download individual sheets for each month.

calender 2022

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Intimacy With God

Intimacy With God

One day my friend and I were having a conversation and I asked her, “What is eternal life?“Like everyone else, she answered that eternal life is about going to heaven. But that’s not what God says. The Word of God says in John 17:3And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. So is eternal life and intimacy with God connected? 

In the above verse, the word ‘know’ is the same word that was used in Genesis 4:1 – Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, “I have acquired a man from the Lord.” Also in Matthew 1:25 The word of God says “and knew her not until she had brought forth her firstborn Son. “

So, the word “know” meant intimacy! So eternal life with God means to have intimacy with God.

Intimacy With God

To Know God

When we have a new friend, we make sure to spend time with them until we get to know them completely. Many of us think that going to church once a week is the answer to knowing God. No, that’s not right. To know God, we must spend some personal time with Him every day. Like a small child who cannot be away from his mother.

When disciples asked Lord Jesus who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Lord Jesus didn’t say a man who is self-made, or self-sufficient but the word of God says in Matthew 18:2-3,
Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

Little Children Or Adults

When God tells us to be little children, it doesn’t mean to act childish. A little child in front of God is one who trusts God and His Word no matter what the circumstances. A little child says papa God because you said it so will it be. And, a little child totally believes what the Father has to say without a doubt and depends on the Father for everything.

But how do I know God?

There’s no better way to know God than knowing His Word. Knowing the Word is knowing God. When you read the word, it is like you are having a conversation with God and getting to know His heart and mind on matters that concern you. Not only that, you get to know His promises for your life.

King David found most pleasure in spending time with God. He made sure to have ‘set apart’ time for God while being a King.

The word of God says “One thing I have desired of the Lord,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord,
And to inquire in His temple.” Psalm 27:4

No wonder David was called a man after God’s heart. Besides having your new year resolutions this year, may it be your spiritual goal to seek God every day and know Him intimately. Like that one thing David desired, let it be our one desire to pursue Intimacy with God! Let us be known as women after God’s heart.


Alisha Jose

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